Year End Exams

Kalamanjari’s year end exams took place on the 12th December.  Thanks to external examiner Mrs Thenammai Palaniappan for accepting our request to examine the students.  Thanks to Mrs Uma Prakash, Kalamanjari’s teacher for training the students

Kalamanjari believes in giving back to society. 

In line with that, during their first program – the launch of Tirukural Music Album, the proceeds went to Project Smile.

The next program ‘Kannama’ was performed for the residents of Sree Narayana Mission.

When Aathichudi - dance drama was first staged, it was well received.  So, Kalamanjari joined Kamala Club and restaged it.  The  proceeds from that ticket sales went to Project Smile.

In order to reach more people, Kalamanjari tries to join the local organisations.

National Library Board

NLB provides venue support to Kalamanjari.  Tirukuarl - Music album launch took place in the Bishan Public Library.  Amudhe Thamizhe – Program on Barathidasanar and Aathichudi – dance drama when it was first staged, it was held in the Geylang East Public Library

Sree Narayana Mission

‘Kannama’ - program on Mahakavi Barathiyar took place for the residents of Sree Narayana Mission


For Kalamanjari’s competition in conjuction with the youth day, SINDA provided the venue support


LISHA is one of Kalamajari’s supporters

Kamala Club

When Kalamanjari restaged Aathichudi dance drama, in order to reach more Indians, it joined hands with Kamala Club and it took place in the Mahathma Gandhi Memorial Hall

Kalamanjari aims to take the meanings and the values of Tamil Isai that is espoused through Tamil literary works, to all races. 

Accordingly, In the Tirukural music album, translations of the first ten couplets of Tirukural in English, Mandarin and Malay have been included and Malay and Chinese took part in the event.

During Kalamanjari's programs on 'Kannama' and 'Amudhe Thamizhe', some Chinese took part and sang and read the translations to some songs for the Barathiyar and Barathidasanar songs in English and Chinese.  Many claimed that to be an epitome of Singapore's multi-racial society.  


Malaysia ‘Tamil Malar'

Tamil Murasu

Oli 96.8

India Beat

Connected to India

Pravesi Express

Tamil Murasu

Online Voice

Indian Beat

Zee Tamil

Kalaimamani Dr Arimalam S Padhmanabhan

Dr Padhmanaban gave inputs for Kalamanjari's 'Naatupurapaatu' that took place in Januray 2020 for LISHA's pongal celebrations.  His introductory speech on 'Naattupuratattu' gave an indepth into the various elements of Folk song

Kalamanjari avails the expertise of Scholars and Music exponents to bring authenticity and credibility to their programs. Following are experts those who have been helping Kalamanjari in their programs

1. Dr M Rajaram, IAS (retired)

Dr M Rajaram, IAS (retired) from Chennai has done translations for the works of Bharathiyar, Bharathidasanar, Tirukkural in English.  Kalamanjari read those translations in their programs

2. Dr Yu Hsi, Taiwan

Dr Yu Hsi of Taiwan has translated the works of Tirukkural, Bharathiyar, Bharathidasanar and others into Mandarin and Kalamanjari used the translations for the songs in their programs

3. Dr Sp Thinnappan, Singapore

Dr Sp Thinnappan, a renowned Tamil scholar from Singapore gave his valuable advise in the construction of the 'Tirukkural Music Album'.  His article in the Aathichudi booklet added value to the program 'Aathichudi -dance drama'

4. Dr Mu Ilango, Puducherry

Dr Mu Ilango of Puducherry, a renowned Tamil scholar from Pudhuchery, India, gave explanations for the Bharathidasanar songs that was performed in the program 'Amudhe Thamizhe'

5. Dr K Sivaraj, Pudhucherry

Dr K Sivaraj, an exponent of both Western and Indian music, set the tune for the songs that were performed in 'Amudhe Thamizhe' on Bharathidasan and also for some songs in the program 'Kannama'  on Bharathiyar.

6. Kalainani V Shankar, Chennai

Kalaimani V Shankar is an exponent of music and is from Chennai.  He had tuned the verses for the 'Aathichudi' dance drama'.

7. Mrs Rukmani Sivakumar, Chennai

Mrs Rukmani Sivakumar an exponent in Tamil Music ia from Chennai.  She is the founder of 'Tharaka Mandiram Varnamaalika Trust'.  She has authored books on Tamil Varnam and Geetham.  Mrs Rukmani Sivakumar has given the materials for the syllabus for the Kalamanjari courses

தமிழ் இசை - ஒரு கண்ணோட்டம் , the book on ‘Tamil Isai’ was co-authored by one of the founders of Kalamanjari Mrs Soundara Vairavan with her Music Guru Mrs Gowri Gokul.

Kalamanjari has published a booklet on ‘Athichudi’.

Swarna Kala Mandir

Kalamanjari joins the local schools to stage their performances.  Following are the schools that have been part of Kalamanjari's programs

Beej Music Academy

Saankari School of Music

Ms Srividya Sriram

Navabhavas Dance School

Subharagam Music School

Sakthi Fine Arts

Ms Kalaivani Yuvaraj

Ms Gayathri Karthick
Shenbaga Vinayagar School of Music Academy

Aum Arts, Ms Uma Prakash

Ms Meera Balasubramaniam

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